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Garden Design & Coaching

Landscaping that's responsive, creative and ecological for your existing terrain and works in sync with the natural world. See my Gardens and Rates at the link in header.



Parsley and Sage is a lively garden conversation with me and a fellow gardener, Jeanne Farewell. Episodes feature creative ideas and tips for garden design. Visit: 



Focusing on the wonder of nature and the natural world, these photographs can be customized with a personal message. See my photos at the Photo Gallery link in header.

RECENT Garden Designs

Ben Allen@HudsonValleyPhotography.com

Walled Garden

Kinsale, Ireleand

Foundation Planting

Barnstable, MA


North Salem, NY

Meditation Garden

Waccabuc, NY

Design & Coaching Services

Dig BiG 

Property Discovery


Pam brainstorms your dream backyard:

  • Site visit
  • Garden bed ideas
  • Curb appeal
  • Paths
  • Top trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses and bulbs

Property Digital

Starting at $2500 

Pam puts it on paper:

  • 2 Site visits
  • Map of landscape areas
  • Plant list
  • Plant pictures
  • Maintenance needs
  • Plant budget
  • Garden Nursery list

 Property Planting

Starting at $2800

Pam plants it:

  • 2 site visits
  • Map of landscape areas
  • Plant list
  • Plant pictures
  • Maintenance needs
  • Plant budget
  • Installation budget 

Dig a Bit 

Pam Picks


  • Site visit
  • Plant list
  • Plant photos
  • Maintenance needs
  • Garden Nursery list

Pam Presents


  • Site visit
  • Bed design plan
  • Plant list
  • Plant photos
  • Maintenance needs
  • Plant budget

Pam Planting


  • Site visit
  • Bed design plan
  • Plant list
  • Plant photos
  • Maintenance needs
  • Plant budget
  • Installation budget

Dig together

Pam On Call

Starting at $3200

  • 7 site or online visits April through September
  • Availability within 48 hours
  • Text support
  • Resource sharing
  • Maintenance advice


Or Call: (646) 675-5727


Winter Solstice

North Salem’s agricultural heritage is quite apparent this time of year. Fall turning to winter, we see inspiring expanses of open fields. Dense canopies have faded away, and…

A Gift of Remembrance

With the holidays here, we are often confronted with absence, the missing of loved ones, family or friends who once gathered with us at special occasions and have since passed…

Be eco-conscious about recycling

So much beauty in the natural world surrounds us here in North Salem. Even on the sultriest of summer days, nature lures us. Traveling around town–whether by foot, bike,…

Help Heal the Earth

Let’s help nature! In search of hopefulness for our stressed out environment, I recently attended a presentation by Doug Tallamy, professor of entomology and wildlife ecology at…

There's grass, and then there's good grass

Ornamental grass is a star in gardens around North Salem right now. Waving in the breeze, a standout and well-behaved native is switchgrass. It’s a worthy substitute for the…

Get Out...of your head

“Get out!” That’s a refrain of mine, and it’s normally not directed at a stranger, or my kids or my husband. It’s my inner voice (the wise one, not the critic) commanding me to…


 Printed on Sustainable Metal or Wood

Prints are  vibrant and eco-friendly.

Contact me about custom-printing.

Short Bio

Hometowns: New York, NY; Greenwich, CT

Education: Amherst College BA and Teachers College, Columbia University MA 

Interests: My family and community, the natural world,garden design, writing, conservation, creative and spiritual adventures 

Following a career in public television production, my wonderful husband Eric, two lovely daughters, a gentle labrador retriever and I moved to a bucolic town in New York state, not far from the city, yet enticingly rural enough for me to drop  a lot of what I was doing  as I fell in love with gardening.  Just as this evocation was taking root, Eric's job relocated us to London, land of fine horticulture, where I immersed further into exploring gardens and landscape design. For the past 17 years, back in our farmhouse, I relish cultivating, restoring and loving the land. I work with a handful of legacy garden clients, and I serve as Board Chair of our local land trust, North Salem Open Land Foundation and as Regional Ambassador for The Garden Conservancy Open Day Program.