August Garden Moment

October 28, 2019

BY Pam Pooley



While good meditators and gurus say to stay focused on the here and now, as a gardener I find this difficult, if not impossible. The gardener steps into the garden, particularly those that are new to her, asking herself:  What bloomed here before? What will be next? Of course this querying is done silently, under the breath, not to offend anyone. Is it possible to notice what is there then? Not 100%. Yet August, I remind myself is the prime summer month to do just that, take stock of the current tableau. All plants that have come before should be recognizable; neatly cut back and what’s to culminate the season are unmistakably on their way. Whatever is missing in a garden, or in need of dividing or transplanting should be noted now as a task for the autumn or following spring. 


Now the summer fecundity slows down after July’s bursts of growth, good and bad, floral and weedy. Our gardens help us understand the cycle of the natural world.  As the days begin to shorten so does the rapidity of growth. It’s time to save and store energy for the cold winter, sorry for this news, but we can now prepare ourselves too.  Aside from mindful observation, it is a time to rest a bit, to relax in the garden, perhaps with a curated cocktail or mocktail in hand.